Jennifer Queen


I am a cognitive psychologist with broad interests in how the mind/brain takes in, stores and uses information from the world.  I am currently an Associate Professor at Rollins College and earned my Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology from Emory University in 2003, the same year I joined the Rollins faculty. 
I teach courses on a broad range of topics within Cognitive Psychology including, Sensation & Perception, Brain & Language, and Neuropsychology. I recently stepped down from leading a campus-wide initiative to help Rollins students articulate the value of their education in their lives after graduation and as a result have taught courses on Career and Life Planning as well. 
My research interests are evolving as I explore the cognitive science of learning with college students.  Past work focused on how non-linguistic information affects low level speech perception processes with projects including memory for spoken language and auditory imagery, the effects of non-linguistic information on speech perception, and individual differences in the ability to understand language. 
Feel free to contact me at or make an appointment to come by my office, Bush 321, using this link.
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